Hello! from Top Co.,Ltd. We want to be the export Japanese used motorcycles and scooters "connection" between your country and Japan. We would like to support your business and make a long term relationship.  

1, Approach

    We can communicate/negotiate by E-mail or FAX  (81)-93-245-7671

2, Visit our company

   If you would like to visit us, we can pick you up at the Fukuoka International

   Airport or JR Kokura Station (if Shinkansen) and make hotel reservations for you.

3, Stock and Auction (All Japanese used motorcycles, scooters, bikes)

    We have 24 hour security on our warehouse that is filled with stock.

   We also visit the local used Japanese motorcycles and scooters auctions twice a week. If you would like to go with us, this is also possible. 

stock3.jpg (50430 バイト)  auc2.gif (29912 バイト)

4, Bike Container

   We can offer Either CIF or FOB. We use a local shipping company 



5, Variety

   We have many types of Japanese used motorcycles, scooters, big bikes from 50cc and up.

   We can send you digital photos and price list upon request.

   Feel free to contact us anytime by email. 

6,Business proceedings

  Please let us know your offer detail which maker (eg Honda, Yamaha..), kind of bikes, engine cc, year, each units, your each target prices through our web page at CATALOG site and fill in them at FEED BACK site.
we will reply email for you with price list less 24hours. When you place the order, we can compare our Estimate and your target

  We will collect and ship the Used Japanese motorcycles and scooters in good condition.

7,Exchange rate

   We follow the "floating" exchange rate system site at here


   We are waiting for your order .  We hope to start a lasting relationship. Please click to order button to fill out your choices.  We can estimate prices once you have finished this process. Once you order, We will take care of everything until shipping.


9,Used Japanese Bikes

  To choose from our online catalog.  Please click the "CATALOG" button at  the bottom of the screen.


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